LOUD AS F@*K - 2 CD + DVD 35,00€
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Etichette: LOUD AS F@*K


2 CD + DVD - EUROPA - 2003 - MOTLEY RECORDS - 9810469 - EX / EX

DVD and CD's are housed in a fold-out DVD sized digipak which is enclosed in a slipcase


CD1-1 Wild Side

CD1-2 Too Fast For Love

CD1-3 Shout At The Devil

CD1-4 A Rat Like Me

CD1-5 Primal Scream

CD1-6 Let Us Prey

CD1-7 Dancing On Glass

CD1-8 Bitter Pill

CD1-9 Dr. Feelgood

CD1-10 You're All I Need

CD1-11 Piece Of Your Action

CD1-12 Red Hot

CD1-13 Find Myself

CD1-14 Hell On High Heels

CD1-15 Tonight (We Need A Lover)

CD1-16 Poison Apples

CD1-17 Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)

CD1-18 Starry Eyes

CD1-19 Danger

CD2-1 Kickstart My Heart

CD2-2 Looks That Kill

CD2-3 Louder Than Hell

CD2-4 Take Me To The Top

CD2-5 Girls, Girls, Girls

CD2-6 Afraid

CD2-7 Hooligan's Holiday

CD2-8 Knock 'Em Dead

CD2-9 Slice Of Your Pie

CD2-10 Merry-Go-Round

CD2-11 All In The Name Of....

CD2-12 Too Young To Fall In Love

CD2-13 Glitter

CD2-14 Smokin' In The Boys Room

CD2-15 Punched In The Teeth By Love

CD2-16 Beauty

CD2-17 Live Wire

CD2-18 Same Ol' Situation (S.O.S.)

CD2-19 Home Sweet Home

DVD-1 Live Wire

DVD-2 Looks That Kill

DVD-3 Home Sweet Home

DVD-4 Wild Side

DVD-5 Girls, Girls, Girls

DVD-6 Dr. Feelgood

DVD-7 Same 'Ol Situation (S.O.S.)

DVD-8 Hooligan's Holiday

DVD-9 Primal Scream

DVD-10 Hell On High Heels

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